„You need to position yourself and wait for the wave“

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Gerade bei Exciting Commerce eine feine Quote gefunden, die eine Session auf Amazon’s re: Invent Rechenzentrums-Konferenz mit dem Boss Jeff Bezos und CTO Werner Vogel unter die Lupe genommen haben – „Lernen von Jeff Bezos„:

„Never chase that hot thing. That’s like trying to catch the wave. And you’ll never catch it. You need to position yourself and wait for the wave. The way you do that: You pick something you’re passionate about. Make sure it is something you’re passionate about. Missionaries build better products. I would take a missionary over a mercenary any day. Mercenaries wanna flip the company and get rich, missionaries want to build a great product or service. One of those great paradoxes: it’s usually the missionaries who are going to make more money anyway.“